eDM – 2016-2017 The long year ahead

From the research we are conducting and the problems implementing DMARC for mass ESP use I think eDM needs to be seen as the proactive solution to campaign management rather than the reactive solutions such as DMARC and sender reputation offer.

So DMARC is set as the what I see as the 3/4 authentication method for senders of email. DMARCIAN does a great job explaining where ESP’s go wrong.

For me that has been a  distraction and a proposed technical solution to 2 core problems:

  1. Email is not the only eDM delivery channel and has been tainted by indiscriminate eBlasting, SPAM and Spoof / Phishing
  2. To my knowledge there is no standard for measuring campaign success in terms of eDM that combines eDM metric best practices

So what needs to occur from here? We need a formal industry association, where it is incorporated is not that . One that is truly global in terms of representation (call it 9 directors for 9 regions) and then a series of task forces or working groups that liaise with help to formalise best practices, metrics and how to implement this new marketing strategy.

To formally create the association we need the following:

  • Sponsors.
  • Experienced leaders in the areas of technology (email / sms marketing / digital marketing,, software development), marketing, sales management, education and perhaps mathematics.
  • Generate our registered member base to in excess of 1,000members. We have less than 50 currently.

Please register and spread the word.