Electronic Direct Marketing (eDM)

Electronic Direct Marketing (eDM) is a strategic process of building and refining a centralized marketing database with the purpose of communicating directly to subscribers using any form of electronic messaging in targeted and personalized manner.

The purpose of the communication must be to increase value for the organization whilst delivering a purposeful outcome for the recipient maintaining the best engagement possible.


Key principles of eDM are:

  • That a subscriber database is only as useful as the last time it was campaigned to;
  • Indiscriminate and untargeted blasting to a subscriber database will destroy subscriber engagement;
  • All eDM strategies and campaigns must be SPAM compliant with respects to the laws of the campaigner and subscriber;
  • Privacy laws must be upheld with software adhering to best practice security and data storage methods such as using secure SSL.

To differentiate from EDM as an acronym, the ‘e’ has been made small to emphasize the direct marketing component of the definition, making the acronym eDM.


Key elements of eDM include:

– Strategy
– Subscriber profiling & engagement
– Holistically one view of the subscriber is preferable
– Database segmentation
– Campaign execution
– Consistent and regular campaigning
– Campaign & subscriber Analysis

Database Building & Lead Generation
– Building SPAM compliant B2B marketing Lists
– Generation of compliant and targeted B2C marketing lists
– Feeding leads to the sales team from eDM
– Social media database building services

Email Marketing:
– email template design &  implementation
– Click through strategies and conversion methodologies
– Campaign metrics

SMS Marketing
– Send / Receive SMS campaigns
– Best practice would see the long number being representative of the target subscribes OR the home country of the sender
– SMS competitions
– SMS SPAM compliance
– SMS database building

Other tools and strategies
– e-Vouchers
– Web Forms
– Subscription Forms
– Surveys
– PURL into unique offers
– Personal QR codes