Ranil Rajapaksha Joins the Industry Committee

I am very pleased to announce that long time advocate for eDM, Ranil Rajapaksha has joined me in formulating the electronic direct marketing (eDM) committee with the purpose to continue to enhance the definition and educate the marketing and business community for the reduction in e-Blasting and indiscriminate messaging that plagues our Inboxes and cell phones daily.

In Late 2017, Ranil Rajapaksha and I held a meeting to align methodologies from both sides of the eDM equation. Ranil founded and is a director of RaeDiuM Digital Media Pty Ltd RaeDiuM is one of Australia leading (if not the leading) eDM advertising Agency. That means they search for opt-in databases that are extremely well segmented and nurtured to deliver electronic direct mail and messaging campaigns to recipients of the organization that they are subscribed to with an offer or message from a 3rd party.

This is a fundamental part of the eDM equation fort several reasons. Organiazations partner with other organizations all the time to monetise their client relationships however not having a framework to maximise engagement and benefit for the sender, receiver and advertiser will simply destroy this nurtured databases.

Ranil beings over 10 years experience to this start-up association and hundreds of industry contacts.

Our mandate for 2018 is to update the definition of eDM, approach the major messaging and mail providers for support and then launch the association formally.

David Barnes
eDM Committee Chair