Three key eDM questions for every organization

Implementing eDM is a systematized process that is specific to each organization and industry. Implemented correctly it can be time consuming at first but with significant rewards in the short, medium and long term.

When implemented correctly managed should be able to analyze the answers to the following questions whenever required:

1.) What is the net gain or attrition of subscribers for the organization?

A key element to 2017 will be ensuring SPAM compliant subscriber growth. These days it is best to have a double opt-in process and of course ask key segmentation questions of your subscribers.

Also identifying key sources of subscriber growth and allocating resources to leverage key growth sources is advised.

2.) Which are the top performing marketing segments in term of engagement?

It is important to implicitly and explicitly use surveys, click through’s and other implied segmentation techniques to collate this important data and then compare the data against engagement such as the click through’s over time (for any initiative) and open rates.

3.) Which segments and campaigns translate to the most income generated?

This is where having an ERP system integrated with your eDM platform and CRM makes absolute sense. The comparison is made simple then. Ensure data is aligned is of course imperative.