WeChat, Facebook & WhatsApp – Watch Out !!

eDM as an umbrella definition was designed based off the original acronym “electronic direct mail” as the term was used for just about any email campaigns being sent throughout the Asia Pacific. Electronic direct marketing principles apply to any direct messaging that is for commercial outcomes be it email, SMS and now chat messaging.

The prevalence of e-Blasting has destroyed engagement and subscriber trust and it is about to happen again if the App vendors mentioned in the title of this post don’t enforce better practices.

Client Subscriber engagement come from relevance and honouring preferences with content that engages with the recipient of the message. The API’s being made available should have a vetting process for applications that wish to integrate with their systems. eDM best practice would be a perfect vetting process to ensure the advertising agencies and eBlasters that don’t care about engagement and don’t understand data don’t end up destroying their user base as they have done with SMS and email .